Kristy F. Steele


Kristy F. Steele is the founder and president of Save Our Families. Save Our Families non-profit was founded in March of 2018, officially launching in April 2020 to help people find the resources needed to thrive in a struggling community. After losing her mom, Nita S. Steele, to a tragic drug overdose, Kristy set out to help families and communities unite. Before founding Save Our Families, Kristy worked in the entertainment industry, using her platform Hip-Hop Digital to start the conversation around substance use; the conversation blossomed into this organization. Kristy F. Steele has a background in branding, marketing, and public relations and is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in psychology at Franklin University. Kristy’s mission is to create opportunities for the members of her community.

“A one size fits all approach is not the solution for our communities” – Kristy F. Steele

Save Our Families Board of Directors

Jennifer Barnes Webster


Jessie Wilce


Stephen Landers

Digital Marketing Advisor

Louise Johnson Smith

Business Partnership Advisor