Project Wound Care

Save Our Families provides free wound care kits to the members of our communities. Open wounds and abscesses can lead to serious infections or worse. Our goal is to reduce the harm associated with wounds.

What is Wound Care?

Wound Care is a part of Harm Reduction. It’s important to factor in the health hazards of intravenous substance use. Long-term use of needles and substances can cause abscesses or Cellulitis resulting in an open wound. Keeping the wound drained, cleaned, and properly bandaged is important for healing.

Wound Care Hygiene

When it comes to taking care of wounds like abscesses, some necessary steps and supplies are required.

Walmart Registry

As a part of Walmart Charities, we have a Registry for Good listing with various wound care supplies. We appreciate your support and help with making an impact on our communities.


Wound Care Kits
Items In Total

As a part of Save Our Families’ commitment to transparency, we’ve included a periodically updated counter with accurate data. This data reflects how many wound care kits we’ve distributed, and the total of items used to create the kits.

Lasted updated August 19th, 2022.