Project Wound Care

Save Our Families is a compassionate and community-driven organization dedicated to enhancing the well-being of Cleveland, Ohio’s residents. Open wounds and abscesses, if left untreated, can quickly become a source of immense suffering. They not only cause physical discomfort but also pose a significant threat to one’s overall health. Without proper care, these wounds can easily become infected, leading to complications that range from severe discomfort to life-threatening conditions. Save Our Families recognizes the gravity of this issue and is dedicated to mitigating the potential harm associated with such wounds.

Our primary objective is to reduce the physical and emotional toll that open wounds and abscesses can take on individuals and families within our community. By providing free wound care kits, we aim to empower our residents with the necessary tools and resources to address these issues promptly. Our kits contain essential items like sterile dressings, antiseptic solutions, bandages, and clear, straightforward instructions on wound care, ensuring that even those without medical expertise can effectively manage their wounds.

By addressing the pressing issue of wound care, we are actively working to prevent minor injuries from escalating into major health crises. Save Our Families believes that by taking these proactive steps, we can help safeguard the health and well-being of our fellow Cleveland residents, reinforcing the bonds that make our community strong.

What is Wound Care?

Wound care plays a vital role in the context of harm reduction, particularly for surgery patients, individuals with diabetes, and those who have sustained injuries that necessitate wound care supplies. It’s crucial to consider the health risks associated with intravenous substance use. Prolonged use of needles and substances can lead to the formation of abscesses or cellulitis, ultimately resulting in open wounds. Effective wound management, which includes drainage, thorough cleaning, and proper bandaging, is paramount to support the healing process.

In this context, wound care becomes a critical component of harm reduction, aimed at minimizing the health-related risks faced by surgery patients, diabetics, and individuals with injuries that require specialized wound care materials. Addressing these wounds promptly and effectively is essential for their overall well-being.

Wound Care Hygiene

When it comes to taking care of wounds like abscesses, some necessary steps and supplies are required.

Donate Wound Care Supplies

As a part of Walmart Charities, we have a Registry for Good listing with various wound care supplies. With your support, Save Our Families can continue its vital mission to provide free wound care kits and contribute to improving the lives of those in Cleveland, Ohio, ensuring that open wounds and abscesses no longer serve as barriers to their health and happiness.


Wound Care Kits
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As a part of Save Our Families’ commitment to transparency, we’ve included a periodically updated counter with accurate data. This data reflects how many wound care kits we’ve distributed, and the total of items used to create the kits.

Lasted updated October 19th, 2023.