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Naloxone & Test Strip Request FormNaloxone & Test Strip Request Form

Save Our Families is committed to supporting harm reduction efforts in our community. We offer free Naloxone and fentanyl testing strips to help prevent overdoses and keep our loved ones safe. The Ohio Department of Health funds our Naloxone through the Project DAWN initiative, and our fentanyl testing strips come from both Project DAWN and the Cuyahoga County ADAMHS. We understand that addiction affects individuals and families from all walks of life, and we are here to help. Our harm reduction supplies are free to anyone in the community who needs them. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction or at risk of overdose, please fill out our request form to receive free supplies.

We are committed to creating a warm and welcoming environment where everyone feels supported and valued. Our harm reduction program is just one of the many ways we strive to make a positive impact in the lives of those around us. If you are outside our area and need harm reduction supplies, we encourage you to visit the Next Distro website. Thank you for supporting our mission to promote health, safety, and well-being in our community.

Understanding Naloxone (Narcan)

Should I call 911?2022-05-31T22:22:56-04:00

Yes! If you suspect a person is overdosing, administer Naloxone and call 911 immediately.

Is Naloxone safe for children?2022-05-31T22:23:27-04:00

Yes. Naloxone nasal spray has been established for safe use in known or suspected opioid overdoses.

When is Naloxone to be used?2022-05-31T22:11:12-04:00

Immediately when an opioid overdose is known or suspected.

What is Naloxone?2022-05-31T22:11:36-04:00
Naloxone is a medication approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) designed to rapidly reverse opioid overdose
What effect does Narcan have on someone who doesn’t need it?2022-05-31T22:11:49-04:00

Narcan will not affect someone who doesn’t need it (someone who has not used opioids).

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Are you requesting Naloxone and/or Fentanyl testing strips?

Naloxone Training

Join us in making a difference. Report overdose incidents confidentially using our secure form and play a crucial role in advancing our harm reduction initiatives.

As a part of Save Our Families’ commitment to transparency, we’ve included a periodically updated counter with accurate data. This data reflects how many Narcan kits, and Fentanyl test strips, we’ve distributed, along with how many people we’ve trained to use Narcan properly.

Naloxone Kits
Persons Trained
Fentanyl Testing Strips
Xylazine Testing Strips

Last updated December 3, 2023.

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