Our mission at Save Our Families is to reunite the communities and create opportunities for growth and education. From strategic program implementation to building relationships directly with the members of our local communities. Our goal is to unite, educate, strengthen, and heal. Through our harm reduction work, we directly affect the lives of the residents in our communities.

  • Leading with Love

  • Creating Leaders

  • Empowering Youth

  • Uniting Communities

Save Our Families Non-Profit seeks to help every person in need, either directly or indirectly, with the assistance of our partners and allies. Our goal is to create programs and resources for the at-risk communities around the country. As a part of our mission, we provide alternative programs to foster and aid personal development, entrepreneurial skills, and emotional intelligence.

“A one size fits all approach is not the solution for our communities”

- Kristy F. Steele


While the world is going through many changes, our morals will always remain the same. To provide everyone with love and respect while helping you reach your personal goals while overcoming your battles.


It’s important to bring families and communities back together; growth happens as a unit. It’s time for us to repair the structure of our families and create leaders within our communities.


Literacy is the foundation of education, which is where success starts. As one of our main focuses continued education will be the foundation of our programs and workshops.


Understanding your emotions is imperative to be a successful adult. Love is the core of what we do; we teach love and healing while providing you the resources to heal and become whole.


Join us in making a change within our communities.