As a part of the harm reduction work we do at Save Our Families, we know how important it is to have access to health and wellness care. It’s also important to be educated and in the know. As a part of our effort to educate the people, we’ve gathered some important information that will break down myths and provide information on what HIV and STDs are.  There is also a brief list of regional and national resources to assist people in finding free or low coast access to the resources required to live a healthy lifestyle. It is important to know your status, get tested!

Frequently Asked Questions

HIV & STD Prevention and Testing Resouces

  • AFH Wellness (Cleveland)
    Location: 2829 Euclid Avenue Cleveland, OH 44115
    Phone: (216) 357-3131
    Services: Free HIV Testing, Free STD Testing, and more.
    Note: Please visit the AFH website for a list of national locations.

  • Care Alliance Health Center
    Location: 1530 St. Clair Avenue, NW Cleveland, OH 44114
    Services: Free rapid HIV & Hepatitis C testing, PrEP
    Note: Please visit the Care Alliance website for more locations.

  • OHIV
    Phone: 1-800-332-2437 (HIV Hotline)
    Services: Free Condoms, Free at home HIV testing kits

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