Harm Reduction

Our harm reduction work started with providing the unhoused folks of Cleveland, Ohio supplies, like blankets, hand warmers, and socks. After realizing there is such a vast need for supplies that are readily unavailable to assist people with being sustainable while living unhoused, we decided to join in the efforts to start reducing harm.

We’ve since expanded our efforts to provide Naloxone and wound care kits free to the members of communities. As part of our program, Nita’s Closet, we provide clothing, condoms, and other supplies to our clients as well. These programs support clean living, safe substance use, and much more.

Naloxone Distibution

In December of 2021, Save Our Families joined the Ohio Department of Health’s Project DAWN network. As a part of the Project Dawn network, we are able to supply the resident of Ohio with free Naloxone.

Wound Care Kits

As a part of our continued effort to provide harm reduction resources, our organization now provides personal wound care kits upon request to our at-risk clients to help prevent infections.

Nita’s Closet

Nita’s Closet focuses on providing hygiene products and basic essential items to the residents of our communities.

Harm Reduction Key Terms

As a part of our harm reduction educational resources, we’ve gathered a list of key terms that will aid you along your journey of acquiring knowledge.

Opioid Facts

Learn the facts about what Opioids are and the products they are often found in!

Domestic Violence Education & Resources

Domestic violence affects over 10 million Americans per year. Learn the signs and know there is help available; please visit our resource list.