As a part of our journey to bring life back to the word unity, we’ve taken a community approach to therapy. These sessions are available to attend for free and if you are unable to join, we’ll be keeping a collection of the streams on our YouTube channel. Our goal is to spark conversations that matter and ultimately healing.

We’ve partnered with Robyn Hill, of Robyn Hill Counseling. Robyn is a licensed therapist, working with all demographics including: single mothers, families, youth, alcohol and drug recovery, religious clergy, and executive professionals.

On Saturday, June 6th, at 6PM (EST) we will be addressing some of the emotions arising during these times, and providing the community with knowledge on how to stay emotionally well while this traumatic experience unfolds. Your voice is an important part of the story, you are not alone. We hope you’ll join us for the Public Therapy Session Dialogues.

Robyn Hill
Robyn HillLicensed Therapist, Author, Speaker
Robyn Hill is a speaker, author, licensed therapist, and personal growth teacher with a personal focus on Emotional Wellness and Soul-Care. Robyn studied at Ashland Theological Seminary, were she obtained a Master of Arts in Clinical Pastoral Counseling and received her license as a Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC) from the State of Ohio Counselor, Social Worker, and Marriage & Family Therapist Board. With over 12 years of clinical experience, Robyn has worked with all populations from single mothers, families, youth, alcohol and drug recovery, Religious Clergy, and Executive Professionals.

In 2011, she started her own private practice where she provides culturally and spiritually sensitive counseling and workshops specializing in depression, anxiety, and trauma recovery. She is also very involved in the Northeast Ohio communities, providing workshops, trainings, and serving as keynote speaker to various institutions focused on improving the mental health of their populations.

Additionally, she is the founder of the Great Lakes Black Authors organization, owned the internet radio station, a 24/7 positive and uplifting station for talk and music, where she hosted her own talk show, “Mind Healing Conversations”, and has newly launched an online wellness publication for leaders and entrepreneurs. Robyn Hill has also authored 2 books to educate on developing coping skills to improve emotional wellness, “A Healing Conversation: Beginning Steps Towards Dealing With A Painful Past” and “Refresh! A Therapeutic Devotional” These books can be found on Amazon, Nook, and Kindle.