Cleveland, Ohio, May 4, 2024 – Save Our Families (SOF) is proud to announce the inaugural Nita’s Day event, a heartfelt tribute to the late Nita S. Steele, mother of SOF founder Kristy F. Steele. Nita’s Day aims to commemorate her life and legacy by raising awareness about preventable overdoses and providing essential resources to the community.

Nita S. Steele tragically lost her life to a preventable overdose on October 28, 2017. In her memory, SOF is dedicated to preventing similar tragedies by empowering individuals with the knowledge and tools to respond effectively to opioid-related emergencies.

The inaugural Nita’s Day event will take place on May 16th, 2024, at Public Square in downtown Cleveland, Ohio, from 11:30 am until 2:00 pm or until supplies last. This pop-up event will feature various activities and resources aimed at promoting harm reduction and overdose prevention.

Attendees will have the opportunity to receive:

Naloxone Distribution: SOF will distribute naloxone kits, a life-saving medication that can reverse opioid overdoses, free of charge. 

Overdose Reversal Training: In addition to naloxone distribution, trained staff will be available to provide comprehensive training on recognizing the signs of an overdose and how to administer naloxone effectively. This training equips community members with the skills needed to intervene in opioid-related emergencies.

Fentanyl and Xylazine Testing Strips: SOF recognizes the importance of harm reduction strategies, including the testing of substances for potentially lethal contaminants. Free testing strips for detecting fentanyl and xylazine will be available to attendees, empowering them to make informed decisions about substance use.

Nita’s Day represents a significant step forward in Save Our Families’ mission to prevent overdoses, promote harm reduction, and support individuals and families affected by substance use disorders. By honoring Nita S. Steele’s memory in this meaningful way, SOF aims to create a safer and more supportive community for all.

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Written by : Save Our Families

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