Cleveland, Ohio, February 7th, 2021 – Save Our Families Non-Profit organization has launched our text message resource line (1-833-218-8647) for people in need of mental health resources. The text line will connect you with resources in your area or provide you with online options. Please note this text line is not an emergency contact line. As a part of the new “Are You Okay?” movement, Save Our Families Non-Profit has partnered up with Saint Clair Recordings and their recording artist Phaze Jackson. Phaze Jackson’s latest record “Prayer’s Up”  aims to bring awareness to mental health and suicide prevention. 

As a part of our collaboration with Saint Clair Recordings, for each tagged video share, Saint Clair Recordings will donate $1.00 to our organization. On February 27th, 2021 Save Our Families Non-Profit will host a mental health awareness panel, aimed at helping to remove the stigma around seeking mental health assistance. Our guests will include Phaze Jackson, Dwayne James, Neda The Coach, Young Truth, and the founder of Save Our Families, Kristy F. Steele. Please note none of the information provided will serve as medical advice. For more information and updates please visit our official website and join us on social media.


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Kristy F. Steele
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Written by : Save Our Families

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