Mental health is becoming more of a conversation that is being had in public spaces. It’s a great thing but what we need for everyone to know is that authentic healing takes place privately and with the support of a professional. Yes, we can find healing in spaces together, but we also need an area where we can be honest and vulnerable with our truths. We at Save Our Families have held our #LivePTSD events, bringing more focus to the topic of mental health. The goal of those events is to create unity and to spark awareness about healing. As we move into a time in our world where depression, drug use, and suicide rates have skyrocketed due to the shutdowns caused by Covid-19, we want to provide some resources that may assist you on your path to healing and finding a therapist.

We are not directly connected or affiliated with any of the resources posted. These resources are meant to help serve as a starting point. We ask that you do your research into the therapist of your choice. Please know that you may not connect with your first therapist or even your sixth! Just take the take to find someone that you can trust to help guide you through your healing journey.  

Resource Databases:

Written by : Save Our Families

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