Cleveland, Ohio (January 29, 2024) — Save Our Families, a non-profit organization committed to harm reduction and reducing fatal overdose rates, proudly announces a groundbreaking expansion of its naloxone distribution program. In partnership with Remedy Alliance/For The People, Save Our Families is broadening its reach to provide life-saving intramuscular (IM) naloxone nationwide, solidifying its dedication to harm reduction strategies, public health, and the preservation of lives. This initiative marks a significant stride in their mission to empower individuals and communities, actively contributing to the reduction of opioid-related fatalities across the nation.

About the Initiative

Save Our Families has been a driving force in harm reduction efforts in its community, particularly through its active participation in the Ohio Department of Health’s Project Dawn initiative, providing free naloxone to residents of Ohio. This expansion with Remedy Alliance For The People represents a significant step forward, making this critical resource accessible nationwide in the fight against opioid overdoses and furthering the mission of saving lives through harm reduction.

Saving Lives through Harm Reduction

Naloxone stands as a vital safeguard in the battle against opioid overdoses, an escalating crisis impacting communities across the nation. Save Our Families, in collaboration with Remedy Alliance For The People and Project Dawn, remains steadfast in its commitment to empowering individuals as catalysts for positive change within their communities. By cultivating a culture of harm reduction, they advocate for and implement strategies that play a pivotal role in directly preserving lives. Together, they aim to make a lasting impact on public health, fostering safer and healthier communities for everyone.

How It Works

  • Individuals nationwide can visit to request naloxone kits.
  • Naloxone is provided free of charge, with individuals only covering the shipping fee of $5.00.
  • Individuals are empowered to actively engage in harm reduction practices and contribute to creating safer, healthier communities.


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