As we come together on this World HIV/AIDS Day, we are reminded of the importance of unity, support, and breaking down barriers. Save Our Families stands with individuals and families affected by HIV/AIDS, working tirelessly to create a community that fosters understanding, compassion, and equal access to healthcare. Today, we reflect on the impact of stigma and the steps we can take to make a difference.

Acknowledging the Impact of Stigma
The shadow of stigma looms large over those living with HIV/AIDS. It creates barriers that hinder access to essential resources, support, and understanding. At Save Our Families, we recognize the need to address and dismantle these barriers to ensure that everyone receives the care and support they deserve regardless of their health status.

The Numbers Speak: Understanding the Impact
In Ohio and beyond, the stark reality of HIV/AIDS statistics serves as a poignant reminder of the challenges that persist. As of 2022, a significant 25,419 individuals in Ohio bear the diagnosis of HIV, emphasizing the pressing need for our mission and the imperative for widespread awareness. These numbers underscore the urgency of our collective efforts to foster understanding, break down barriers, and create a community where everyone can access the support they deserve.

Known Your Status: Free HIV/AIDS Testing Kits
In our commitment to providing practical support, we encourage you to take advantage of free HIV/AIDS testing kits. Knowledge is power, and regular testing is a crucial step in preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS. Visit to access your free testing kit and encourage others to do the same.

World HIV/Aids Day 2023
On this World HIV/AIDS Day, Save Our Families reaffirms its dedication to creating a world where stigma is replaced by empathy, where barriers are transformed into bridges, and where every individual, regardless of their health status, is embraced with open hearts and minds.

Join the Movement: #EndTheStigma #KnowYourStatus
We believe in the power of community action. We can amplify our message and reach a wider audience by using hashtags like #EndTheStigma, #KnowYourStatus, and #WorldAIDSDay. Let’s raise awareness, encourage testing, and foster a judgment-free community.

Support Our Mission: Donate for Prevention
To continue providing free condoms and other STD/STI prevention products, we need your support. Your donations make a tangible difference in our ability to reach more individuals and create a safer, healthier community. Visit our Ways to Give area to contribute and make a lasting impact.

Written by : Save Our Families

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